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Outcomes (status)

Session Content Status Participants
A seat at the table 11
API Threat Modeling Cheat Sheet 14
AWS Lambda Security 23
AWS Macie and Guard Duty 2
AWS Scenarios 1
AWS WAF for DDoS Mitigation 3
Adding CRS3 and Pixi to CircleCI pipeline 4
Adding Privacy by Design in Secure Application Development 11
Adding security to VSTS pipeline 7
Agile Practices for Security Teams 31
Akamai Alerting and Logging 1
Akamai WAF & Ruleset 4
AppSec SOC Monitoring Visualisation 17
Application Security Verification Standard 14
Ask me anything (AMA) - Meet the Experts 0
Attack chains as TM technique 13
Automation of MASVS with BDD 9
Azure Security Features, Just a Few 3
Back to the future with Threat Modeling 12
CISO Ask Me Anything (AMA) 0
Cell based Structures for Security 13
Cloud brokerage - authentication and authorisation 3
Consolidate and process all Security Quiz data 0
Convert the templates from GE-Health to risk patterns 0
Create .Net Security Questions 0
Create AWS Security Questions 4
Create Docker Security Questions 0
Create Java Security Questions 1
Create NodeJS Security Questions 2
Create Owasp AWS Security Questions 0
Create Owasp Top 10 Security Questions 1
Create PHP Security Questions 0
Create Perl Security Questions 0
Create Security Economics Quiz 0
Create Security Ethics Checklist Questions 1
Create Wardley Maps for Multiple Security Scenarios 0
Create a Slack bot in Python 6
Create generic TM for CMS 3
Creating Appsec metrics and visualisation 20
Creating ELK Dashboards 5
Creating Open Source Avatao exercises 1
Creating Security Questions 0
Creating a Steady-State Hypothesis 9
Creating a standard for GDPR patterns 12
Creating an open 3rd Party Supplier Questionnaire and maturity model 2
Creation of Security Buttons 6
Crossing the river by feeling the stones 10
Customising the Chaos Toolkit 2
Cyber Insurance 8
Cyber Risk Modeling 11
DPO how to become one 1
DPO what to expect 1
Dark and Deep Web Threat Intelligence Source 4
Darktrace API & Elastic Stack 1
Darktrace Alerts 1
Darktrace Tuning Session 2
Define an Open Risk Pattern format 0
Defining a Security Champion 3
Dependency management using Snyk 3
Describe different ways of implementing TM in agile organisations 11
DevSecOps Maturity Model (DSOMM) 31
DevSecOps Maturity Model (DSOMM) 31
Docker and Kubernetes Threat Modeling Cheat Sheet 12
European GDPR variations 9
Federated Login with Social Platforms Threat Modeling Cheat Sheet 9
From Threat Modeling to DevSecOps metrics 1
GDPR Appropriate Security Controls 11
GDPR Ask Me Anything GDPR 0
GDPR Compliance what does it mean? 14
Gamification of GDPR compliance 5
Gamifying Security Dashboards 8
Getting more women in Cyber-security 9
Group Discussion on Learning from Digital Incidents 0
Hands on Avatao path on C/C++ 0
Hands on Avatao path on Java 0
Hands on Avatao path on Owasp Top 10 1
Hands on Chaos Experiments 12
Hands-on GDPR Patterns 15
Hands-on JIRA Schema refactoring 2
Hands-on JIRA Schema refactoring (DS) 0
How do you define and measure the value of Threat Modeling? 0
How to Scale Threat Modeling. 0
How to Threat Model Features with Questionnaires 8
Implementing the OWASP responsible disclosure Maturity Model 2
Incident handling with DarkTrace 6
Integrate securityheaders.com in CI pipeline 2
Integrating Security Tools in the SDL 33
Integrating Security Tools in the SDL using OWASP DevSecOps Studio 23
Integrating Security into an Spotify Model 8
Integrating Security into an Spotify Model (and using Squads for Security teams) 7
IoT Threat Modeling Cheat Sheet 5
JIRA Risk Workflow 20
Jira (how to use it) 2
Juice Shop Brainstorming 0
Juice Shop Coding Day 3
Lessons learned from public bug bounties programmes 10
MSc Application Security 1
Meet the ICO 2
Mermaid Examples 0
Methodology / technique showcase 0
OWASP Collective Defence Cluster (CDC) 5
OWASP Defect Dojo 16
OWASP DevSecOps Studio 25
Outcomes 0
Owasp Cloud Security Workshop (BETA) 34
Owasp Testing Guide v5 18
Owasp Top 5 Machine Learning risks 8
Owasp corporate membership 0
Policies for the security industry 1
Prepare friday Quiz session 0
Present Security Quiz Data 0
Project Management 0
Publishing apps in a VSTS security pipeline 4
Real world Chaos Engineering 8
Reboot Owasp Books Project 0
Recruiting AppSec Talent 3
Replacing Akamai with AWS Shield 4
Review quiz answers from Mon 0
Review quiz answers from Thu 0
Review quiz answers from Tue 0
Review quiz answers from Wed 0
Running CTF Games with OWASP Juice Shop 7
SABSA and threat modeling 0
SAMM - Best Practices 2
SAMM DevSecOps Version 9
SAMM Introduction 3
SAMM Roundtable 0
SAMM Summit Outcomes 0
SAMM benchmarking 2
SAMM2 Kickoff 4
SAMMv2 Establish the Document Model 3
SAMMv2 Measurement Model 2
SAMMv2 working session - Design 2
SAMMv2 working session - Governance 4
SAMMv2 working session - Implementation 2
SAMMv2 working session - Operations 2
SAMMv2 working session - Verification 3
SOC Value Chain using Wardley maps 4
Securing AWS S3 Buckets 7
Securing GitHub Integrations 12
Securing the CI Pipeline 33
Security Crowdsourcing 11
Security Ethics Checklist 5
Security Playbooks 17
Security Questions team briefing 2
Security Questions workshop 1
Security Quiz Night (Mon) 3
Security Quiz Night (Thu) 1
Security Quiz Night (Tue) 1
Security Quiz Night (Wed) 1
Share your Threat Models diagrams and create a Book 4
Squad Modelling and Cross Functional Teams 4
Summit Wrap Up 1
Thinking in Graphs 10
Threat Model training through Gamification 6
Threat Modeling Website Structure 8
Threat model cheat sheets 20
Threat model closing session 2
Threat model guide 5
Threat model track opening session 9
Transform OWASP Exam into Security Questions 0
Update MSTG with changes in Android 8 (Oreo) 10
Update MSTG with changes in Android 8 (Oreo) 10
Update MSTG with changes in iOS 11 9
Update MSTG with changes in iOS 11 9
Update Threat Modeling pages on owasp web site 0
Update Threat Modeling website 1 0
Using AI and ML for incident response 8
Using AWS Neptune GraphDB 3
Using Elastic Stack services 0
Using JIRA-NeoVis to create graphical representations of JIRA data 2
Using Jira to handle Incident Response - simulations 4
Using Neo4J Enterprise 1
Using Neo4J to filter and review SAST findings 0
Using Neo4J to filter and review SAST findings 0
Using The Hive for Incident Response 6
Using Threat Models for GDPR 16
Using User Story Mapping for effective communication 5
Using Veracode SAST Engine 5
Using a Rules Engine and Risk Patterns with IriusRisk 7
Using activity-oriented metrics for Security 1
Using graphs for GDPR mappings and visualisations 9
Using maps to define how to capture, detect and prevent 6 real-world security incidents 9
Using the OWASP Maturity Model tool 1
Vulnerability Intelligence Working Group 0
Want to become a CISO? 2
Wardley Mapping – a practical session on how to use value chain mapping 13
Web Application Honeypot 13
WebAuthn - Getting started workshop 2
Women in Cyber-security: improving the gender balance 1
Writing Akamai rules 4
Writing Checkmarx SAST rules 5
Writing a Security Budget 1
Writing security tests to confirm vulnerabilities and fixes 9
Zap - How to use it 5