Registering and updating information

1. How do I update my schedule and register for working sessions?

In order to update your schedule, follow these steps:

  1. Visit your profile page. For example,

  2. On the next page, add the “sessions:” that you want to attend. You can enter as many sessions as you want to attend. Each session will be added as an item in a YAML list. So just give an enter after the colon, add two spaces, and a dash ‘-’, another space, and the name of the title of the working session. This is a simple example:

      - Some session title
      - Another session title

  3. Create a new branch for this commit, create a pull request and commit changes.

  4. When merged, changes should reflect on your main profile page after a delay of a minute or so.

2. I don’t have a profile page, how do I register as a participant on GitHub?

There are two types of participants - Onsite and Remote

If you are going to contribute to a working session it makes sense to fork the repo and push your changes (