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How Have We Been Moving towards DevSecOps?

  • Traditional SDLC becomes Agile
  • Speed at which changes are being made is beyond security’s (operations) reach
  • Wall of confusion arises (dev/ops)
  • DevOps cycle is invented – Release, configure, monitor, plan & create, verify, package
  • Wall of compliance arises (DevOps/Security)
  • Security is outnumbered: 100 dev to 10 ops to 1 security
  • From DevOps to DevSecOps: culture, measurement in CI/CD, automation, sharing (tools, best practices)
  • Scale security with DevOps
  • Shift security left – use CI/CD pipeline to embed security
  • Self-service – give developers and operations visibility into security activities
  • Security as Code – compliance as code and hardening via configuration management systems
  • ‘Secure by default’ – use secure by default frameworks and services
  • Apply DevSecOps Maturity Model (DSOMM) for static depth, dynamic depth, intensity, consolidation

What is DevSecOps Studio?

DevSecOps Studio is a self-contained DevSecOps environment/distribution for learning DevSecOps concepts.

DevSecOps Studio:

  • Makes it easy to set up the environment for training/demos
  • Is mostly automatic
  • Teaches Security as Code, Compliance as Code, and Infrastructure as Code
  • Has built-in support for CI/CD pipeline
  • Security tools can be added as jobs to DevSecOps Studio.

Practical Installation Points

DevSecOps Studio quick start has these steps:

  1. Download the code (git clone from GitHub repo)
  2. Download Ansible dependency roles
  3. Set up the environment with one command (‘vagrant up’).

For an in-session lab environment at this Open Security Summit:

  1. Install Virtualbox, Vagrant, and (if not rep-existing) Git bash
  2. Download Virtualbox Appliance
  3. Import the Appliance into Virtualbox

Additional Session Question

  • Could DevSecOps Studio be extended to include business logic by combining with another suitable application (perhaps OWASP Juice Shop)?


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