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  • A revised, one-page, customisable survey that can be tailored to different target audiences as appropriate.

Synopsis and Takeaways

  • Target audiences could be:
    • UK universities
    • US universities
    • Universities in the rest of the world
    • AppSec trainers
    • Companies with AppSec training programmes

The aim of the survey is to establish what people are using, then broach what people want, and establish which tools link to which programmes.

Identified Questions

The survey should ask the following questions:

  • What current learning objectives are used

  • What skills are needed to form an AppSec training programme

  • List your top five skills (free text)

  • Map these skills to OWASP resources used in AppSec educational programmes

  • List up to ten top OWASP projects you can choose from

    • Do you have an option to choose from these projects
    • Or is it a mandatory resource
    • If not, what percentage of students/trainees use them (25%/50%/75%/100%)
  • Give the person filling in the survey the opportunity to rank the OWASP resources listed

  • Provide a free text field to list any other OWASP resources not included in the list

  • Name & email if they are willing to engage in follow up correspondence

  • The aim is to start with the UK academic community, then the US, and then worldwide

  • Use OWASP leaders list to reach out after that

  • Additionally, there is a need to reach out to industry and establish its requirements, if they need AppSec programmes etc.


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