Women in Cyber-security: improving the gender balance

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  • List of practical, valuable actions that help ourselves as well as others
  • Agreement to check back with the group in three or six months, rather than waiting until next year

Synopsis and Takeaways

The following list of actions was agreed: - The next summit should have a number of sessions which every participant should attend - e.g. Ethics in Security, Women in CyberSec - Reach out to schools: - Schoolchildren came to AppSec Belfast & AppSec Israel - The next summit could invite schools to participate? - School programmes need to be longer term, one day or one visit isn’t sufficient to engage long term interest - If you are going to give a talk in a school, make sure it is pitched correctly and interesting for the students - Share opportunities: - If you are asked to speak at an event but cannot attend, nominate a woman to take your place - Personally invite women to events you participate in - The Ottawa OWASP chapter increased its attendance rate from 100 to 800 using this method - Be inclusive, not exclusive - This is not just about including more women, but about increasing general diversity - Become a Mentor/mentee - Sponsorship works like an advocacy programme - Consider creating a personal go-to board of directors - Humility v. Insecurity - Understand that humility is not the same as insecurity. The ability to admit not knowing or understanding something is a strength - Remember that other people at your meeting/conference will also feel doubt, not just you - Watch the Imposter Syndrome Ted Talk (see References) - Watch the Body Language Ted Talk (See References)

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Stephanie Vanroelen Stephanie Vanroelen , Yasmin Martin Yasmin Martin , Clara Anel Mansilla Clara Anel Mansilla , Jane Frankland Jane Frankland , Goher Mohammad Goher Mohammad

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