Squad Modelling and Cross Functional Teams

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This document includes headings that can be used to describe the outcomes of a sessions. Combine the headings as you see fit to ensure coherence and clarity.

If you feel that additional headings will improve the outcomes, feel free to add them.

NOTE: The italic text in this page/document is used only to explain the different parts of the document. Replace them with other useful content.

Outcomes/Deliverables (recommend)

The outcomes are the results produced from a session regardless of the session type. These can be:

  • Artefacts (Diagrams)
  • Documents or Books
  • Playbooks
  • Roadmaps (for next meeting)
  • Wiki pages (namely on owasp.org)
  • Code
  • Statement or Position (signed by the Working Sessions Participants)
  • Security Review (or a particular application or api)
  • Lessons Learned

Synopsis and Takeaways (recommend)

Clear and concise. Use bullet points/lists as much as possible.

Identified Questions

The aim of this heading is to record the questions that might trigger follow-up discussions and initiate additional development of the topic covered by the session.

Important Conclusions

Make a simple list of conclusions that were taken at the session.

Working Materials (recommend)

Make a list of references to working materials that were created during the session

References (recommend)

  • Session page : put a link to the session page
  • Summit 2017 session page : put a link to the summit 2017 session page
  • Summit 2017 outcome page : put a link to the summit 2017 outcome page

Additional/External References

Make a bullet list with additional references that might be useful in a given context

  • Link 1 Title: URL 1
  • Link 2 Title: URL 2
  • Link 3 Title: URL 3

Session organiser(s)

Amanda Colpoys Amanda Colpoys


Ann-Marie Grace Ann-Marie Grace , Luis Saiz Luis Saiz , Pedro Laguna Pedro Laguna , Vasil Buraliev Vasil Buraliev

Attached materials: