SAMM Summit Outcomes

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The outcomes of our SAMM working sessions are:

  • Processed feedback on Alpha version of SAMMv2 Core Model outline (tracked with GitHub Issues)
  • Got feedback/integrated from the DevSecOps maturity model folks
  • Had input from Jeff Williams on an DevOps version of SAMM
  • Got review/input from DevSecOps SME (Timo) for the implementation business function
  • Defined a draft source markdown structure of the model
  • Create a beta (improved) SAMMv2 Core Model outline (without activity details)
  • First publication to a Hugo based website of the model
  • Plan for six two-week writing sprints detailing the Core Model activities (five activity streams per sprint)
  • Planned a SAMM Summit in the US mid-October
  • More contributors joined the project team (John Dileo, Chris Cooper)
  • Extracted a markdown version of SAMMv1.5 (from the PDF) - Becky
  • Got a publication workflow from markdown to PDF / ePub - Sherif

Synopsis and Takeaways

Key takeaways:

  • Face to face summits are great to discuss and solve core model questions


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