Arushit Mudgal


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Title Description type When Time Acting as
A seat at the table Keynote by Adam user-session Mon DS-2 participant
Security Quiz Night (Mon) user-session Mon Eve-1 participant
Create a Slack bot in Python Hands on session to show participants how to create a Slack bot in Python user-session Mon Eve-1,Eve-2 participant
Lessons learned from public bug bounties programmes List of top 10 lessons from bug bounty experts and guidelines on improving bug bounty programmes working-session Mon PM-2 participant
Running CTF Games with OWASP Juice Shop Running / hosting CTF games with OWASP JuiceShop user-session Thu PM-1 participant
Thinking in Graphs Keynote by Dinis Cruz user-session Wed KN-2 participant
Securing GitHub Integrations How to secure Github Integrations working-session participant
Crossing the river by feeling the stones Keynote by Simon Wardley user-session Thu KN-2 participant
Web Application Honeypot working-session Thu PM-3 participant
Adding Privacy by Design in Secure Application Development Keynote by Sebastien Deleersnyder user-session Fri KN-2 participant

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