Guy Jarvis

CTO, Givta

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Title Description type When Time Acting as
Securing the CI Pipeline Secure the CI/CD pipeline working-session Thu PM-2,PM-3 participant
Integrating Security Tools in the SDL Integrate security tools as part of CI/CD pipeline to find/fix issues early in SDL working-session Thu AM-1, PM-1 participant
Owasp Cloud Security Workshop (BETA) A beta session of the OWASP Cloud Security Workshop (not to be scheduled on the Tuesday) working-session Mon PM-2,PM-3 participant
Dark and Deep Web Threat Intelligence Source Understand the Deep Web and the Dark Web How to Guard Your Network Sharing knowledge on Dark and Deep Web Open Source Intelligence product-session Thu PM-3 participant
Cyber Risk Modeling Session on Risk Modeling working-session Tue PM-3 participant
OWASP DevSecOps Studio Working Sessions for Owasp DevSecOps Studio working-session Wed AM-1 participant
Wardley Mapping – a practical session on how to use value chain mapping Practical session on how to use value chain mapping. user-session Thu AM-1 participant

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