Dark and Deep Web Threat Intelligence Source

When: Thu PM-3
Where: Pedley
Organizers Naushad Saboor , Amar Singh CISO
Participants Ian Taylor Ian Taylor , Orid Ahmed Orid Ahmed
Remote Participants Andrew Martin Andrew Martin , Guy Jarvis Guy Jarvis


Firstly, if you are not looking in the Dark Web for impending attacks on your organization, YOU NEED TO BE. If you can, be the reactive security person who waits for something to happen, then puts a barrier in front of it. This hands-on training will focus on being PROACTIVE.

Reactive security is where anti-virus and anti-malware fixes a known flaw (patching) or previous attack. Today, if you do not prevent attacks before they happen, you are behind the curve. This workshop aims to clarify the differences between · The Visible Web · The Deep Web · The Dark Web.

We will dive into the Dark Web and discover · What happens there · Why it is becoming more prevalent

We will explain how you can use the Dark Web · Safely · To your advantage

Included are some examples from the Dark Web of how companies were saved before an attack even occurred

This workshop is “produced from publicly available information that is collected, exploited, and disseminated in a timely manner to an appropriate audience for addressing a specific intelligence requirement.”

We use numerous tools that act as a silver bullet in terms of accessing public sources.


Why should businesses care about the threat of the dark web?

We will cover the most popular and important tools for security researchers.

Dark Web tools are used in the reconnaissance phase to gather as much information about the target as possible.

Open source intelligence tools utilize artificial intelligence features to mine data from the Web about all possible matches to the desired target.