January 1, 0001

-– title : Hands on Avatao path on C/C++ type : product-session track : host_text : Avatao host_link : https://avatao.com/ session_type : public technology : categories : featured : when_day : Wed when_time : Eve-2 room_layout : villa-3 room_id : session_slack: https://os-summit.slack.com/messages/CAVB7RJUT status : draft # draft, review-content, done description : Try the Avatao learning platform organizers : - Gabor Pek - Gergo Turcsanyi - Mark Felegyhazi

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This session teaches you important techniques and tricks to learn the security weaknesses of C and C++. The session includes new tutorials built on the interactive Avatao tutorial framework that helps you understand the in-depth details of the highlighted problems step-by-step. As these languages provide minimal abstraction over the bare machine code, their corresponding performance cost and memory footprint is minimal. These cool advantages, however, put the burden of memory management on the programmers’ shoulder. As a result, writing secure code in C and C++ is a hard nut to crack. We strongly recommend this session if you: * are a native developer (either C or C++) * are interested in low-level programming languages and their corresponding security issues * would like to see how a new Avatao tutorial looks like


Understand the inner workings of C and C++ and exploit simple applications to learn how to write secure code.