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If you are interested in becoming a Chief Information Security Officer, keep reading and sign up for the Open Security Summit.


The CISO is responsible for the information security of an entire organization. He/she has to understand fully the enterprise vision and the strategies of the organization. And then take all the necessary steps to see the information assets and technologies properly protected.


A CISO has a strong understanding of how to design, implement, maintain, and enforce security.

He/she conducts risk assessment, mitigation, and risk avoidance, looks after the compliance side of the activities and, last but not least, oversees the enterprise and security architecture.

A CISO maintains the procedures and policies within the business, and plans actions to mitigate and recover from any security breaches.


A CISO has probably earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and often has a Master’s degree in security. Some will also have professional certification such as CISSP or CISM.

The previous experience of a CISO is hands-on with incident response, security remediation in case of a breach, break-in, or in some other kind of “hack attack.” He or she has worked through multiple regulatory or legal compliance scenarios, including security audits and investigations.



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