Publishing apps in a VSTS security pipeline

When: Tue PM-3
Participants Luis Saiz Luis Saiz
Remote Participants Salma jalouqa Salma jalouqa , Sophie Tonnoir Sophie Tonnoir

For many people ‘the cloud’ and DevSecOps can be a bit mysterious. Let’s clear this up with a nice, long, slow demo of how to load up an app in your editor, make a change, run it through your pipeline (and pass the security checkes!), then publish it into the cloud. One step at a time.


Absolute beginners in DevOps can learn how to do DevSecOps and publish to the cloud.


Attendees will learn how to publish an app ( using the pipeline in Visual Studio Team Server, with many security tests, into the Azure Cloud, with secure configurations


Outcomes: Beginners can see an app deployment from start to finish. Since this is all open source and part of the DevSlop project, attendees can take this code and practice at home.



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