Web Application Honeypot

When:Thu PM-3
OrganizersAdrian Winckles Adrian Winckles
ParticipantsAbhinav Sejpal Abhinav Sejpal , Daniel Garcia (cr0hn) Daniel Garcia (cr0hn) , Naushad S Naushad S , Orid Ahmed Orid Ahmed , Simon Pavillon Simon Pavillon , Stephanie Vanroelen Stephanie Vanroelen
Remote ParticipantsArushit Mudgal Arushit Mudgal , Harmeet Singh Harmeet Singh , Lubo Vikev Lubo Vikev , Mustaqiim Muhar Mustaqiim Muhar , Subash Subash , Sugumaran Uppili Sugumaran Uppili , Vandana Verma Vandana Verma

We’re rebooting the OWASP Distributed Web Application Honeypot Project which Ryan Barnett used to lead and fell dormant due to a change of employer. We now have the capacity to host a new community reporting server in ARU’s new research lab (as well as plenty of physical server capacity).


Planning to work with the OWASP ModSec Core Rule Set Project leaders to develop a new honeypot VM OVA/OVF (and potentially a docker image as well) based around the latest version of CRS as a way of generating threat intelligence data available to the community.


Web Application Threat Intelligence Architecture Design ModSec Console Server Console Implementation Development of new deployable VM (OVA/OVF) honeypot image Development of new deployable Docker honeypot image Small deployable footprint honeypot on Raspberry Pi. Threat Intelligence Community Information Disclosure


This working session will produce

Strategic Plan for Web Application Threat Intelligence Architecyture to populate wiki. New PoC Honeypots VM & Docker images development plans Console server setup and testing Community Information sharing policy




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