WebAuthn - Getting started workshop

Track: DevSecOps
When: Fri AM-1
Where: Maulden
Organizers Yuriy Ackermann Yuriy Ackermann
Participants Luis Saiz Luis Saiz
Remote Participants Mustaqiim Muhar Mustaqiim Muhar

See how this Web Authentication: What It Is and What It Means for Passwords


WebAuthn is a JS API for public key credential management. It’s a part of FIDO2 project, who’s goal is to develop modern secure, pfishing-proof, easy to use protocol. WebAuthn will be available in all major browsers, and so this will drastically change security state of the web, finally bringing passwordless, phishing-prof authentication to every site.


WebAuthn is a new standard, and so it needs more developers. This workshop will guide through the theory behind the protocol, and then we will do hands on code, and develop our own minimal application that supports webauthn.


Basic understanding of the Webauthn and FIDO2


http://slides.com/fidoalliance/jan-2018-fido-seminar-webauthn-tutorial https://github.com/fido-alliance/webauthn-demo

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