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Track: GDPR
When: Wed DS-2
Participants Vijay Nair Vijay Nair

So You want to be a Data protection Officer?


A Data Protection Officer (DPO) supervise, develops, implements and monitor a company’s Data Protection Policy and people data privacy. The DPO is responsible for the safety of personal information, minimising risk through the monitoring and development of policies. How the data is collected and updated, the security systems used, encryptions, and data sharing rules designed to keep it safe.

Under the GDPR, it is mandatory for certain controllers and processors to designate a DPO for public authorities and bodies (irrespective of what data they process). It is also mandatory for organisations with large scale of personal data. Other organisations may designate a DPO on a voluntary basis


It is a multi-faceted role. Previous experience in legal, compliance, HR, or data management and as of now GDPR experience would be relevant. Courses on GDPR, the essential and practitioner are also an option if you have the money.

Data Protection Officers advise on the obligations under the GDPR is a legal role. Monitoring compliance is an audit role. The data protection impact assessment is a privacy specialist role. The work with the supervisory authority is a professional relationship role requires the understanding of the how the supervisory authority works.


What companies or organisations would offer compliance training. Where can we network with senior Data protection officers. Is there are Job expo/show to meet employers offering good career prospect on data protections duties. How can we make ourselves known. Where are the good internships? Is there a community on data protection in the UK that we could join.



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