Gamification of GDPR compliance

Track: GDPR
When: Wed DS-3
Participants Naushad S Naushad S , Orid Ahmed Orid Ahmed , Vladimir Voskresenskiy Vladimir Voskresenskiy
Remote Participants Lubo Vikev Lubo Vikev , Ryan Farmer Ryan Farmer

There are a lots of good things behind the GDRR

People get back the control of their personal data and it unifies the regulatory environment for international business within the EU.


The old directive was dated of 1995 and most importantly it was established before the internet and the extensive use of online services. The way people and organisations create, use, share, and store information has extensively changed.


People consent is compulsory – unless an organization gets a consent, it cannot store, use, share people personal data.

Transparency - In the event of a personal data breach, controllers must now notify their appropriate supervisory authority.

Data protection by design – data protection is now an integral part of an organization work.

Accurate and rectifiable data – data must be update and people have the right to have their data rectified.

Data security enhanced – The infrastructures are regularly tested and assessed to confirm proper security is in place.


While the GDPR seems unfriendly it is in reality a regulation that protect and respect data privacy from all sorts of abuse. It has and will push forwards business and organisations to set up proper infrastructures.



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