Security Buttons Extended

Track: Misc
When: Tue Eve-1
Where: DevSecCon
Organizers Lisa Raynaud Lisa Raynaud
Participants Stephanie Vanroelen Stephanie Vanroelen

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Oftentimes motivating security champions is a challenge. Most of the time, they’re not willing to dedicate the time and effort to the invisible part of security. The product owners themselves focus on pushing the developement of features therefore the nessecity of security is often neglected or almost completely overlooked.

That is why there is a need to visualize the investment in security, made by a champion or an entire team. One solution would be to give out corresponding buttons for every security event the champions attend. Those events could be something along the lines of a threat modeling session with OWASP Cornucopia or any other relevant topics. The buttons can be seen as a reward given to the representatives of each team, showcased in the team rooms. Preferably on a white hat or a sash. This concept could also be implemented with stickers. As an alternative to reward the attendency of a meeting, the actual implementation (e.g. using of a hardened image) might be rewarded.


A teams effort in security is visible and therefore measureable Teams are able to compare each others achievements, especially with different skill levels (e.g. XSS Basics and XSS Advanced events) Security Champions are able to get some kind of certification This project could help engange others in the topic of security


We will create designs for new security buttons. Optinal, you can print the buttons and build buttons. We will make appointments to use a button machine. So you can create buttons for your project!

In case we have people who are related to law questions, we can discous how to procede with logos of projects like nginx, as there might be restrictions.


Button designs under the Creative Commons License Buttons for projects Buttons as reward for teams Buttons to engage to participant in security trainings


People with design backgrounds People who work with picture editing software (e.g. inkscape) People, who need buttons for OWASP projects

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