JIRA Risk Workflow

When:Thu PM-2
OrganizersGoher Mohammad Goher Mohammad
ParticipantsClaudio Camerino Claudio Camerino , David Cervigni David Cervigni , John DiLeo John DiLeo , Mario Platt Mario Platt , Naushad S Naushad S , Orid Ahmed Orid Ahmed , Paul Dubourg Paul Dubourg , Simon Pavillon Simon Pavillon , Sotiraki Sima Sotiraki Sima , Stu Hirst Stu Hirst , Vasil Buraliev Vasil Buraliev
Remote ParticipantsAbhi Raj Abhi Raj , Germinal Orcil Germinal Orcil , Harmeet Singh Harmeet Singh , Lia Aguiar-Almeida Lia Aguiar-Almeida , Mustaqiim Muhar Mustaqiim Muhar , Sophie Tonnoir Sophie Tonnoir , Sugumaran Uppili Sugumaran Uppili

This JIRA Risk Workflow can be used to manage the Risk process and ensure that business owners understand the side effects of the decisions they make.


This workflow needs to be presented and discussed by the community.


  • How does it work in practice
  • Exporting Risk JIRA Workflow into Atlassian Marketplace


This Working Session should result in an improved JIRA Risk Workflow.


The target audience for this working session is:

  • Security teams
  • Security Champions
  • Risk teams
  • Dev teams


Working materials

Here are the current ‘work in progress’ materials for this session (please add as much information as possible before the sessions):

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