Running CTF Games with OWASP Juice Shop

Track:Owasp Projects
When:Thu PM-1
Where:Owasp Projects
OrganizersJannik Hollenbach Jannik Hollenbach
ParticipantsChris Cooper Chris Cooper , David Cervigni David Cervigni , Jim Newman Jim Newman , Stu Hirst Stu Hirst
Remote ParticipantsAdarsh D Adarsh D , Arushit Mudgal Arushit Mudgal , Vandana Verma Vandana Verma

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Juice Shop has been supporting CTF games via its official CTF-extension for just over a year. This user session provides an overview on different possibilities including some brand new ones.


CTF Games are a great way to learn and teach about AppSec. But running / hosting them can be a challenge.


This User Session gives an overview about different possibilities to run Juice Shop based CTF Games with different CTF Platforms (CTFd and FBCTF).

Using “Juice Balancer”, a new add-on to the “Juice Shop Ecosystem”, it is now also possible to host the CTF Games centrally, so that CTF participants don not need to install any software on their computers.


Participants are able to host their own JuiceShop based CTF games for Learning, Teaching and most of all Fun!


The target audience for this User Session is:

  • Security Trainers
  • People wanting to run CTFs
  • People interested in Juice Shop and similar projects


Juice Shop Main Repository

Juice Shop CTF Extension Repository

Example on how such a CTF can look like: Hands-On Web Security: Capture the Flag with OWASP Juice Shop (Blog Article by Simon Bennetts)

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