Back to the future with Threat Modeling

Track: Threat Model
When: Tue PM-3
Where: Kings
Organizers Steven Wierckx Steven Wierckx
Participants Adam Shostack Adam Shostack , Aurelijus Stanislovaitis Aurelijus Stanislovaitis , Fabien Thalgott Fabien Thalgott , Imran Chaudhari Imran Chaudhari , Luis Saiz Luis Saiz , Matt Pendlebury Matt Pendlebury , Naushad S Naushad S , Orid Ahmed Orid Ahmed , Ruben Tronçon Ruben Tronçon , Sara Davis Sara Davis , Stuart Winter-Tear Stuart Winter-Tear , Tash Norris Tash Norris


Threat Modeling is useful to find design issues even before you’ve written a line of code, and that’s the best time to find those issues but… What can we learn doing a post-mortem of a security incident?


Many interesting questions may arise:

  • The vulnerabilities that were exploited during the breach were identified as a use case of any Threat?
  • Were there some countermeasures or security requirements that didn’t worked as expected?

Open discussion: How can we improve our Threat Modeling using a post-mortem of a Security Incident?


This Working Session will publish a document (white paper) gathering the conclussions.

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